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Patient Education Guide, Stroke

Patient Education Guide, Stroke

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The world of stroke medicine is constantly evolving with new and better therapies emerging everyday. This booklet is designed to help your patient, as well as his or her family and caregivers understand strokes and their treatments.

  • Large print and simplified language enhance readability and comprehension for both staff and patients
  • Easily understood by patients and caregivers
  • Educational information for patients, family and caregivers to recognize the early signs and symptoms of stroke and stroke complications, allowing doctors and nurses to be clearly and easily updated.
  • Numerous forms to log vital signs, medicines, treatments and other important information, as well as a place to note questions for your next visit.
  • Point of reference for patients to use when calling the office if something is unclear or with questions and/or concerns.
  • Comprehensive resource and reference for the patient during and after stroke treatment.

Patient Education Booklet(s) are cost-effective and will:

  • Eliminate the need to copy numerous instruction forms
  • Serve as a resource tool to leave in the patient’s home during the episode of care and after discharge from the agency
  • Decrease the number of visits required for disease process teaching for many of your patients

By using this booklet as an educational guide and progress record, it will help to ensure that your patient will receive appropriate and timely treatment and intervention, as well as decrease the likelihood of serious complications or possibly another stroke. REVISED April 2013

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