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Accurate documentation, infection control, and ease of use are all incorporated into this new wound assessment form. Wound measurement and shape is accurately and conveniently recorded by placing a Briggs MediRule (Stock No. 6282) on to the form in the pre-defined area with the self-adhesive tape. Additional wound assessments, as well as wound care and pain assessments are documented in the form for a complete, accurate record and clear picture of healing progress.

The form is two-sided (same on both sides) to allow documentation of more than one wound site and/or a single wound multiple times.

Briggs new MediRule III (Stock No. 6282) is specially designed for infection control and use with the Wound Care Measurement and Assessment form. A long, blank portion on one end and a perforation in the middle allows the new MediRule III to fold so the blank area can be placed against the skin. Once the wound is traced, the side with the tracing is removed and the blank (contaminated) side is discarded. The MediRule III tracing is easily placed on the form using the transfer tape in a designated area. 

For larger wounds, MediRule IV (Stock No. 6283), a larger version of the perforated MediRule III is also available.

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