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More than 20 new scenarios incorporate the latest coding changes in this Educator Manual and Workbook set! Get a range of scenarios from quick hits with a one-code answer to scenarios that test multiple competencies. This resource contains more than 75 scenarios, answers and explainers to help you better understand and receive accurate reimbursement. The Coding Scenario Educator Manual has the scenarios and the answers, while the Coding Scenario Workbook presents scenarios without the answers to test yourself or your staff!

The recent explosion of case-mix code changes, M0246 confusion, OASIS interactions and specificity requirements can leave even the most seasoned veteran off-balance. The 2010 Home Health Coding Scenario Educator Manual lets you test yourself or train your staff by coding scenarios – from the most basic level to more advanced coding. This tool encompasses over 75 coding scenarios to work through in a training environment or solo. The main workbook is a "teacher's answer key" that includes not just the right codes, but explanations of why it should be coded a certain way and what case-mix may be available!

Each Coding Scenario Educator Manual comes with a Coding Scenario Workbook (for FREE) or “student manual” for test-takers, or for those who want to work independently. The bulk of the book is focused on hands-on coding with explanations of code interactions, case-mix descriptions and potential pitfalls. There are time-saving icons that point you to the correct ICD-9 chapters! All of the major home health coding trip-ups and diagnoses are dealt with: diabetes, CVA, neoplasms, V codes, infections, wounds, heart and hypertensive issues.

Scenarios covered include:
  • Infectious scenarios
  • Neoplasm scenarios
  • Endocrine scenarios
  • Blood diseases scenarios
  • Mental disorder scenarios
  • The nervous system
  • The circulatory system
  • The respiratory system
  • The digestive system
  • Injury & poisoning
  • And much more!
You'll also get key tables essential in understanding coding changes along with official CMS guidance.

2009, Decision Health

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